Activists Stop Traffic to Get the Build Back Better Act Moving

With only days left in 2021, intersections surrounding the US Capitol are blocked as Americans demand Congress pass Build Back Better and Voting Rights Bills

 — Members of Congress and their staff were surprised Tuesday morning to realize that the roads they usually take to the US Capitol were shut down. Americans deeply impatient with Congress’ inaction on the most pressing issues of our time blocked roadways all around the nation’s capital in order to grab lawmakers’ attention and urge them to move forward NOW.

“We are the people, and we hold the power,” said Mike Tidwell, executive director of the CCAN Action Fund, “We elected leaders to every position of power in DC with a clear mandate to act on climate justice and defend democracy. So far, we’ve not seen our leaders close the deal on these priorities, so this morning we are reminding them who holds the power.”


The CCAN Action Fund and the group Arm in Arm worked together to blockade the intersection of 4th Street and C Street NE from 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM, while other intersections were blocked by other organizations under the banner of Shutdown DC.

Together, these groups are shutting down business as usual in Washington DC and demanding immediate passage of the Build Back Better Act. They are calling on Congress to move forward as soon as possible because this historic legislation addresses a host of intersecting issues including not only climate change but also justice for indigenous people, Black Lives Matter, housing, childcare, DC Statehood, immigration, and ending war.

The House of Representatives has passed the Build Back Better Act, but the Senate has yet to follow suit. This legislation would reduce US greenhouse gas emissions by more than a gigaton by 2030 and put the country on track to reduce emissions 45% below 2005 levels. Action on climate is long overdue, and it cannot wait until next year. Congress must send the Build Back Better Act to President Biden’s desk in 2021.