Activists Show Images of WV Disasters on Sen. Manchin’s Office to Stress Urgency of Build Back Better

100% clean energy protest - Disasters at Manchin's house

As the Senate takes up the once-in-a-generation bill, West Virginians display compelling images on exterior of Manchin’s office

 — To convey the urgency of passing the Build Back Better Act, several West Virginians today used a projector to display giant photos of recent climate disasters in the state onto the wall of Senator Joe Manchin’s Martinsburg office.

West Virginians are urging Senator Manchin to vote for the Build Back Better Act without delay. West Virginia is likely to see a greater increase in extreme precipitation events than any other state, and record breaking rainfalls are already destroying homes and livelihoods in West Virginia.

To make sure Senator Manchin knows there is a tremendous cost to inaction, West Virgininas projected the images of people’s homes destroyed, roads turned to ruble, and businesses closed because of climate induced disasters. As they projected the images, West Virginians shared their stories and the stories of their neighbors.

Click to watch video that was livestreamed from the event.

Speakers included Aileen Curfman, John Christensen, Roz Eiler, and Lucia Valentine.

Aileen said, “Senator Manchin, this is your opportunity to create a good name for yourself. With your help, we could revitalize America. You say you haven’t heard West Virginians telling you that we want you to support the Build Back Better Act. If you are listening, you can’t help but hear us now. For the people of your home state, please help make the Build Back Better Act a reality.”

John said, “Senator Manchin, we have been informing you and your staff about this climate emergency for many many years through WV citizen groups like Citizens Climate Alliance, Citizens Climate Lobby, and WV Rivers and we need for you to follow through on our requests since these are the same folks who have to live, breathe and drink the water in our state.  Build Back Better is a win-win for WV!”

The cost of inaction will be great, and the benefits of action on climate will be tremendous. Studies have found that reducing emissions 50% by 2030 would create 31,000 jobs in West Virginia, and save thousands of lives annually from reduced exposure to air pollution.

Senator Joe Manchin should listen to his constituents, and protect his state from the ever worsening climate crisis by quickly voting for the Build Back Better Act.

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