Staff and Board


Mike Tidwell, Executive Director

Mike Tidwell is founder and director of the CCAN Action Fund, the advocacy arm of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. Under Tidwell’s leadership, CCAN has helped pass landmark clean-energy legislation in Maryland and the District of Columbia; blocked coal and oil development plans in Virginia; and worked with groups nationwide to push for a fair and effective carbon cap policy on Capitol Hill.

Tidwell is also an author and filmmaker whose books include The Ravaging Tide: Strange Weather, Future Katrinas, and the Race to Save America’s Coastal Cities. Tidwell’s documentary film – “We Are All Smith Islanders” – vividly depicts the dangers of global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. Tidwell has received numerous awards for his advocacy work, including the Audubon Naturalist Society’s prestigious “Conservation Award.” A long-time resident of Maryland, he lives in Takoma Park with his wife Beth and son Sasha. Read more about Mike here.

Contact: mtidwell [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org, 240-460-5838

Anne Havemann, General Counsel and Foundation Grants Manager

Anne Havemann is CCAN Action Fund’s General Counsel and Foundation Grants Manager. She has a decade of experience working on environmental issues at the regional and national scale. At CCAN, she works to fight climate change and promote clean energy through litigation and policy development, while also providing general legal support and foundation grants management. Prior to CCAN, she worked at a think tank, the Center for Progressive Reform, on its Chesapeake Bay program area. She focused on enforcing the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to clean up the Bay, with a particular emphasis on industrial chicken farms. Anne has clerked for U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the American Wind Energy Association. She served as CCAN’s first communication director before leaving in 2010 to further her education in environmental law. Anne received her law degree with a certificate in environmental law from the University of Maryland Carey School of Law, where she graduated magna cum laude. She was editor in chief of the Maryland Law Review. Anne received a B.A. in environmental science from Colorado College.

Contact: anne [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Mustafa Abdullah, Field Director

Mustafa Abdullah (he/him) is the Field Director for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network where he will help lead the organization’s efforts to build grassroots power and infrastructure to help our communities in DC, MD, and VA to tackle the biggest threats and take on the biggest opportunities to achieve climate stability. Mustafa’s commitment to organizing work is driven by sharing moments with people when they realize their own power and have a clear sense of hope and what is possible.

Mustafa has been organizing professionally since 2010 and has significant experience building volunteer programs and organizing on a wide range of civil rights and liberties issues at a municipal and state level. He also has experience leveraging elections to get candidates to adopt critical policy positions. Among his proudest achievements are setting up a legal support infrastructure for movement work, which led to volunteers and activists being trained on how to work with lawyers to file effective litigation in courts to protect their rights. Additionally, Mustafa is particularly proud of working with activists on the ground in St. Louis to get the top two vote getting Mayoral candidates in 2021 and a majority of the members of the Board of Aldermen to adopt the ACLU of Missouri’s civil liberties platform to mitigate police surveillance, reduce arrests for low level offenses, closing a local jail, and increasing police transparency.

Contact: mustafa [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Jamie DeMarco, Maryland Policy Director

Jamie leads CCAN’s Maryland lobbying and advocacy. Before joining CCAN, Jamie led state-level lobbying for the Citizens Climate Lobby, was a campaign manager for the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative, and worked as a legislative assistant at the Friends Committee on National Legislation. He got his start as an advocate interning at the CCAN years ago. Jamie graduated from Warren Wilson College where he led a successful divestment campaign, and helped close the Asheville coal plant. Jamie grew up in Baltimore and now lives in College Park with his girlfriend and their dog Mila. As a child and young adult Jamie spent his summers being a camp counselor in Shenandoah. Now he enjoys morning runs around lake Artemesia, laughing with friends on the back porch, and going to bed early.

Contact: jamie [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Victoria Higgins, Virginia Director

Victoria Higgins (she/her) is the Virginia Director for Chesapeake Climate Action Network. Victoria grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey and studied psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University. Her career in environmental advocacy began with Green Corps, a rigorous training program for environmental organizers. She worked on campaigns with Mighty Earth, Conservation Colorado, and Environment Virginia to hold corporate polluters accountable, pass state climate policy, and limit plastic pollution in Virginia’s waterways. After falling in love with Virginia, she moved to Richmond to work with Virginia Conservation Network as their Civic Engagement and Grassroots Campaigns Manager.

Now, she is finishing up a Master of Science in Energy Policy and Climate at Johns Hopkins University. In her free time, she plays Ultimate frisbee, issues unsolicited opinions about pizza, and carries around a deck of cards in hopes that someone will play spades with her. 

Contact: vhiggins [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Quentin Scott, Federal Policy Director

Quentin Scott (he/him) joined CCAN in January 2021 as part of the newly created CCAN Federal Team. He moved from Chicago specifically to build political will for groundbreaking national climate and climate justice policies. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, he got a first-hand look at the two Americas and sought to bring the two Americas closer together through advocacy. Quentin’s passion for math and science landed him at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Instead of using his skills for engineering, he uses his knowledge to build data-informed campaigns. Before joining CCAN, Quentin was chief of staff for an Illinois State Representative and a legislative correspondent in the US House of Representatives, and has led numerous issue and candidate campaigns across the Midwest and East Coast. In his roles, he has stood with neighborhood groups to hold industrial polluters accountable in communities of color and looks forward to bringing that fight to the federal level. 

Quentin enjoys exploring new places and has been to 37 states. When he is not traveling you can find him engaging in some form of competition, whether that’s video games, board games, or on the basketball court.

Contact: quentin [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

KC Chartrand, Communications Director

KC Chartrand is the Communications Director for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. Prior to joining CCAN, KC spent over 25 years promoting innovative solutions for sustainability and risk management – including environmental (e.g., carbon management), health, safety, disaster response/recovery, and more. He headed up communications teams for leading providers such as the EHS & Sustainability practice at IHS Markit, Environmental Support Solutions Inc. (ESS), and Marsh Crisis Consulting. In each of these roles, he showed corporate and government decision makers how the latest technologies and best practices dedicated to regulatory compliance or operational excellence could help them better serve their respective stakeholders, as well as the public and planet. 

Recently, KC has served as an Advisory Board member to SABER Institute, the Single Automated Business Exchange for Reporting. SABER is a nonprofit partnership that supports disaster relief operations for hurricanes and other natural disasters that are increasing in frequency and severity due to global climate change. Now KC is proud to join the CCAN team and fight for the kind of proactive, scalable public policy change that the world needs. KC lives in Rockville, Maryland, with his wife Jennifer. He enjoys biking, hiking, drawing, and occasionally still rides his unicycle.  

Contact: kc [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Courtney Dyson, Fundraising Director

Courtney grew up on the family farm in Southern Maryland and is CCAN’s Fundraising Director. Courtney first delved into nature in the 1st grade when completing a science project on squirrel nesting habits. This fascination led her to complete her undergraduate degree in Conservation and Wildlife Management from Delaware Valley University. After working as a naturalist and on wildlife management surveys, Courtney chose to pursue a master degree in International Cooperation and Development from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy, where she focused on climate change adaptation in vulnerable communities and food security.

Prior to joining the team Courtney was a Communications Fellow with CCAN and completed an internship with the United Nations Climate Change secretariat. In her spare time Courtney enjoys birding, board games, and spending time on her family’s farm.

Contact: courtney [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Mari Schimmer, Director of Staff Support and Operations

Mari Schimmer (she/her) is the Director of Staff Support and Operations at CCAN, managing recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes and executing the internal equity and culture plan and day-to-day operations. She brings over a decade of experience in staff management and organizational leadership. Before joining the CCAN team, Mari specialized in designing and managing field organizing programs for national nonprofits. She led issue advocacy, leadership development, and electoral programs at URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity, Democracy for America, and NARAL Pro-Choice America. Earlier in her career, Mari organized for clean cars and other environmental protections and managed voter contact canvassing projects in Colorado. She has also directed national recruitment for a political consulting firm.

A native of Northern California, Mari’s first organizing experience was campaigning in defense of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge at UC Santa Cruz. She lives in Takoma Park with her partner and an ever-growing crew of rescue pets. She enjoys exploring state parks in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, kayaking, reading on the beach, and knitting.

Contact: mari [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Charlene Castillo, Director of Finance

Charlene Castillo (she/her) grew up in Maryland, and enjoys being close to both Baltimore and DC. During her early 20s she spent two years doing mission work in the Marshall Islands.  There,  she saw firsthand the effects of not treating our world kindly due to the still-present results of nuclear testing on the Bikini Atoll.  Prior to joining CCAN she was a contractor specializing in nonprofit accounting.  She enjoys working with mission oriented organizations.  In her spare time Charlene likes to spend time with family and friends, at the beach, eating out, making bread, and watching her backyard birds eat the treats she puts out for them.  

Contact: charlene [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

James Brady, Maryland Organizer

James Brady is CCAN’s organizer for Maryland. Previous to joining CCAN, James was an organizer with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and also spent over 20 years with Greenpeace doing project management and volunteer training. As a young professional musician James played in countries all over the world (and 49 out of 50 states) and was able to see the inequities and deprivation that the commodification of the natural world has produced which spurred his interest in organizing and direct action.
In his spare time, James enjoys watching Murder, She Wrote and arguing with his stubborn 15 year old about the correct definition of a clean room. 

Contact: jbrady [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Charles Brown, Hampton Roads Organizer

Charles Brown II is CCAN’s Hampton Roads Organizer. A Hampton, Virginia native, he is a proud veteran who served in the United States Navy. After returning home from service, he interned for Defjam and Atlantic Records before becoming Virginia’s Defjam Promotions Representative for five years. He then served as Area Director for the Virginia League of Conservation Voters for three years. Following his time with VA LCV, he became a county lead for a vaccination outreach program. He then briefly served as the Hip Hop Caucus’s National Respect My Vote Organizer. He brings to his role with CCAN a sense of community, creativity, and passion for the region’s environment.

Contact: charlesb [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Naomi Cohen-Shields, D.C. Campaign Manager

Naomi (she/her) is the DC Campaign Coordinator at CCAN, working on the Electrify DC campaign. She grew up in Maryland, just outside of D.C., where a love of both protests and hiking combined to nurture a passion for environmental learning and justice. Naomi studied Environmental Engineering at Princeton University, with a particular focus on the inequitable impacts of air pollution and science communications. While there, she also helped start the campaign to divest and dissociate the university from fossil fuels. Naomi went on to work at the Environmental Defense Fund as a climate science fellow, and later for the New Hampshire Democratic Party as a field organizer for the 2022 midterm elections.

Naomi thrives on being outside – especially in green spaces and in water -, reading novels and nonfiction in balanced quantities, and cooking (i.e. eating) delicious food.

Contact: naomi [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Hadley Dzuray, Executive Assistant and Special Projects Coordinator 

Hadley (she/her) joined CCAN in 2023 as the Executive Assistant and Special Projects Coordinator. Raised in Columbia, MD, just 20 minutes from the Chesapeake Bay, she grew up developing a deep appreciation for Mother Earth. During her time at the University of Delaware, she worked on grassroots and organization initiatives with The Climate Reality Project, the Delaware Environmental Institute, and several other campus-led groups. After exploring the world of sustainability, she discovered a particular passion for advocacy. 

Outside of work, Hadley enjoys exploring DC with friends, catching shows at 9:30 club, and relaxing outside. She is now living in Arlington with her amazing roommate, and her cat, Jeremiah. 

Contact: hadley [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Mason Manley, Central Virginia Organizer

Mason Manley (he/him) joined CCAN in May 2023, after graduating from and organizing at the University of Richmond. He is originally from Brighouse, England, and has been in the US since 2019. While working towards his BA in Environmental Studies, Mason led GreenUR – the University of Richmond’s student environmental advocacy organization – through an organizational transformation from service-oriented to environmental justice advocacy. The group’s major campaign seeks to divest the University of Richmond’s endowment from fossil fuels.

As a Bonner Scholar, Mason has also spent time working with the James River Association where he focused on the impact of dams on the James River watershed. Additionally, he worked to provide free solar installation training to formerly incarcerated and otherwise marginalized groups through his work at Bridging The Gap In Virginia.

At CCAN, Mason focuses his work on the opposition of pipelines, advancement of public transit, and strengthening of youth climate activism throughout Virginia. He also serves as the National Technology, Finance, and Operations Coordinator for Fridays For Future USA.

Mason is an internationalist at heart and seeks to think globally and act locally, in all that he does.

Contact:  mason [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Monica O’Connor, Content Writer and Special projects Assistant

Monica joined CCAN in the Fall of 2019 as a content writer and special projects assistant. Monica began her work in grassroots advocacy in 2016 by co-founding the Maryland WISE Women where she worked to promote environmental legislation on the state and local level. In 2018 Monica worked as a coalition partner with CCAN in her position as the Clean Energy Jobs Act Organizer for the Maryland League of Conservation Voters. Currently she is a Legislative Liaison for the Maryland Legislative Coalition and a member of the March On Maryland Board.

Monica is a long time proponent of sustainable farming and has supported and promoted local farmers and CSAs for 20 years. She considers the 8 years spent in upstate New York producing food for her family as a point of pride. Monica spends her weekend hiking with her family.

Contact: monica [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Sara Sanatkar, Virginia Elections Organizer   

Sara (she/her) is CCAN’s Virginia Election Coordinator. Born and raised in Iran, Sara witnessed firsthand the impact of climate change and the urgent need for effective solutions. Living in Sweden for three years opened her eyes to diverse approaches to environmental management and fueled her passion for advocacy.  In 2016, she immigrated to the United States, bringing with her a global perspective on environmental issues. Recognizing the importance of grassroots organizing and community activism, Sara joined Take the Majority in 2019. Her passion for advocacy and organizing led her to join Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign in 2020. She continued her work in 2020 with Care in Action and in 2022 she was a field organizer for Brian Schwalb’s campaign for Attorney General of D.C.

Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science at Old Dominion University, Sara combines her academic studies with her passion for environmental justice. She strives to inspire others to join the movement towards a greener planet. When she’s not at work or school, Sara enjoys watching reality tv while she draws or crochets.

Contact: sara [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Nicole Schroyer, Senior Communications Manager

Nicole Schroyer (she/her/hers) is the Communications Manager at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. Prior to joining CCAN, Nicole earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and International Studies from Washington College, in Chestertown, MD. After completing her degree in 2019, Nicole joined CCAN as a Social Media and Communications Intern and then transitioned into a Temporary CRM Associate role before moving on to take on the role of Communications Coordinator at MOM’s Organic Market. In May of 2022, Nicole returned to CCAN to take on the role of Communications Manager. Nicole currently lives in DC and enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, and spending time with her pets, Camellia (dog), and Clover (Cat).

Contact: nicole [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Ernesto Villaseñor, Federal Campaign Coordinator 

Ernesto Villaseñor, Jr. (he/him) is CCAN’s Federal Campaign Coordinator. In this role, Ernesto analyzes executive actions, federal legislation, and laws to strengthen our climate change advocacy impact.

A native of Compton, Ernesto drew on his firsthand experience to understand the effects of injustices, inspiring him to dedicate himself to the cause of social justice. With over 10 years of experience in community organizing and legislative advocacy, he has worked tirelessly to ensure farmworkers in California overtime pay via legislative action; advocated for local and state reproductive justice rights; and assisted the most vulnerable of Skid Row with housing, employment, and other essential resources. During law school, he explored the impact of an environmental rights amendment in Maryland and looked at the implications of climate change and extreme heat on property law and tenant rights doctrines.

A First-Generation Lawtino, Ernesto received his law degree from the University of Baltimore School of Law. During his time there, he was the President of the Environmental Law Society and UB Students for Public Interest and is an active member of the Maryland State Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division. Ernesto holds a B.S. in Sustainability Studies with a minor in Economics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Contact: ernesto [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org

Special Contributor

Jesse Buff, Volunteer Program Coordinator

Jesse leads CCAN’s Invasive Vine Removal Program. Before coming to CCAN, Jesse led volunteer programs at Rock Creek Conservancy. Prior to that, Jesse worked at the intersection of international conservation and development for much of his career. He has worked for international development companies, NGOs, and the federal government. His passion is working with communities to protect their natural resources. He has an MS in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment and a BA from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. In his spare time, he enjoys birdwatching, cooking, and hiking with his dog and family.

Contact: jesseb [at] chesapeakeclimate [dot] org


Sat Jiwan Khalsa, President

Sat Jiwan has been an environmental advocate and activist since 2000, working and volunteering in non-profit environmental consumer advocacy and energy efficiency consulting. He recently completed an intensive green renovation of his family’s home. Sat Jiwan works closely with a team of green architects, designers, builders and energy consultants (Helicon Works) to make green homes. Sat Jiwan is a green-building and environmental consultant, current president of the Save Our Sky Home Heating Cooperative (aka “Corn Coop”), and the monthly “Going Green” columnist for the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Voice.

Sat Jiwan previously worked at Whole Foods Market and Center for a New American Dream. He graduated from Brandeis University with BAs in linguistics and cognitive science, and psychology. He joined the CCAN board in 2007.

Keith Thirion, Secretary

Keith joins the CCAN Action Fund board after previously leading the Virginia field team for it and its affiliate Chesapeake Climate Action Network. A seasoned campaigner, advocate, and organizer, he is currently the Vice President of Strategy at Alliance for Justice, a national advocacy organization that fights for a fair and independent justice system, and empowers nonprofits to advocate for their causes. He joined AFJ after serving as the Director of Advocacy & Programs and then as Acting Director of Equality Maryland, where he played a lead role in passing the state transgender anti-discrimination law and developed public education initiatives to reduce anti-LGBTQ prejudice and discrimination. Previously as the Virginia Field Director at CCAN, he managed the organizing team to defeat the largest proposed coal plant in Virginia, expose corporate greenwashing by the state’s most powerful utility, develop legislative champions, and build networks of climate activists and coalition partners across the state.

Keith began organizing LGBTQ ballot initiative campaigns and as an Organizing Fellow with the National LGBTQ Task Force. He lives in Washington, DC.

Amanda Tandy, Member

Amanda is an activist in Loudoun County, VA. She focuses on local environmental protection, equity and politics. Currently, she is the committee chair for both the NAACP Loudoun Environmental and Preservation Justice Committee and the Political Action Committee, one of NAACP Loudoun’s Vice Presidents, and co-treasurer for both the Virginia Justice Democrats and People Power Virginia. Her favorite things about activism are meeting and interacting with all of the other amazing, hopeful activists and holding people in power accountable to do better. Amanda joined CCAN Action Fund’s Board of Directors in 2021.

Albert Nunez, Member