National Campaigns

Congress: Pass the Anti-Inflation Reconciliation Package with Climate and Justice Investments ​

Our window to pass sweeping national climate legislation is closing. An opportunity like this at the federal level may not come again until it is too late. President Biden ran on a climate platform. CCAN is part of a growing movement to make sure that he and Congress fulfill that promise by passing a budget reconciliation package with $555 billion for clean energy investments. Find out how YOU can help. Learn more>>

#ExxonKnew: Making Polluters Pay for Climate Change

For more than 50 years, the most powerful oil and gas companies have known that they were driving catastrophic climate change. Yet these companies ignored their own scientific reports, all in pursuit of higher profits and at the expense of the people and planet. Fortunately, there are some bold local and state leaders attempting to hold these companies accountable in court. As these cases move up through the legal system, we have may finally have accountability on the horizon. Learn more>>


The U.S. is facing an intensifying climate crisis, racial injustice, global pandemic, and massive unemployment. That’s why we need a bold plan to put millions of people back to work and build a more just economy. With a new political landscape in our nation’s Capitol, this is the moment to take on these interlocking crises head on. The THRIVE Act offers an opportunity to transform our society so that each of us, and future generations, can live dignified lives. Learn more>>