The climate crisis is here, and it’s hurting every community in Virginia. Flooding from sea level rise has become one of the most challenging public policy issues ever to face coastal Virginia. Intense storms are devastating agriculture across the state. Dangerous heat waves are causing asthma hospitalizations, heart attacks, and more. Residents of coastal neighborhoods in Norfolk deal with water lapping at their front doors from rising seas. More severe and intense storms are damaging property across the commonwealth.

CCAN and its supporters have achieved significant steps forward to promote clean energy and shut down some of the state’s dirtiest coal-fired power plants in recent years. But Virginia’s vast potential for clean energy and energy efficiency solutions still remains largely untapped because fossil fuel interests — led by Dominion Energy — continue to stand in the way of progress.

Learn how you can help set a new direction for Virginia’s energy future — one powered by clean energy, not Dominion’s planet-heating fossil fuels.

Bringing Virginia to 100% Clean Energy

From the mountains to the coast, there is a movement to shift away from fossil fuels and towards a future powered by 100% clean, renewable energy. The Virginia Clean Economy Act would give Virginia a 100% carbon-free electricity grid and eliminates emissions by Virginia’s utilities by 2050. This will benefit Virginians through lower monthly utility bills, tens of thousands of new clean energy jobs, and cleaner air while tackling the Commonwealth’s contribution to climate chang. Learn more >>

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

We need energy solutions and energy justice now. Virginians have the 10th highest electric bills in the nation and a higher electricity burden than the national average. Furthermore, Virginia communities need funding to protect our valuable coastal communities from sea level rise. But while the impacts of climate change are at our doorstep, so are the solutions. CCAN has the opportunity to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, to access millions of dollars to save our coasts and lower electricity bills for everyone. Learn more >>