Why we're raffling a Tesla for the climate

Why we're raffling a Tesla for the climate

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Win a Tesla or a Rivian electric truck in our fourth annual EV raffle

Three years ago, a board member of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network did something very generous. David Goodrich donated a Tesla Model 3 to to the organization! It was all to help fundraise our work fighting climate change. 

And it was a great success; we were able to fund our legislative work passing laws in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and nationwide. Just that year, in 2019, we passed a groundbreaking clean electricity policy in Maryland called the Clean Energy Jobs Act. It’s bringing massive amounts of wind and solar power to the Maryland grid while putting the state on the path to 100% renewable energy. This means all Maryland electric vehicle (EV) owners will rest easy, knowing they’re charging their vehicle with clean, sustainable electricity — and we’re hopeful states across the country will follow suit. 

Over the years, we’ve been able to change the lives of three families, the lucky recipients of our Tesla raffle. First, Thomas May of Illinois drove all the way to Maryland to bring his new car home. 

Thomas: EV Raffle Winner

Then, Eric Schaper built his dream Tesla in a dealership in Georgia.Tesla Raffle Winner

And last year, a nurse named Lonnie Drake was administering Covid vaccinations when he received the phone call with the great news. 

Lonnie: EV Raffle winner

This year, it could be you! Have you entered our fourth annual Tesla raffle for the climate yet? 

We’re changing things up this year. As the technology of EVs changes and improves, we must change with it. That’s why we went out and bought a new Rivian electric pickup truck. For those of you whose driving needs surpass the small sleek size of a Tesla, the Rivian is for you. And for those who are happy with the increasingly popular Tesla offerings, you get to build your own dream car from the ground up. 

No matter what, every ticket entry funds our important work fighting climate change. 

Over the years, thanks in large part to the donations from our now-annual EV raffle, we’ve passed groundbreaking policies in a consequential region. In Maryland: 

Meanwhile, in Virginia: 

And on Capitol Hill, well… we’re working on that. We’ve been working with relentless energy to pass climate legislation nationwide for the past eighteen months. We’ve worked closely with legislators in Congress to support strong climate change and clean power provisions in the draft budget bill, which will be a wide-ranging policy addressing justice in many sectors. Moving to clean energy will also help fight inflation and lower electricity bills, as fossil fuels are driving price increases worldwide.  

Unfortunately, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has stated his opposition to addressing climate change in a budget deal. So we’re regrouping and reconsidering our options. Should we call on President Biden to address global warming through executive actions? Fight harder for climate candidates running for election this year? Or focus on local and state battles? We’d love to know what you think. 

Or, just buy your raffle ticket today! We’re selling only 5500 tickets total, so those are great odds for you.