Electrify Baltimore County:
For Clean, Green All-Electric Buildings

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Supporting County-wide legislation for all-new electric buildings

Get dangerous gas out of our buildings

Help meet MD's statewide goal of 60% reduction in emissions by 2031

The movement to #ElectrifyEverything is growing in Maryland! Montgomery and Howard Counties recently passed legislation to electrify new buildings and homes. In a state – Maryland – committed to a carbon-free electrical grid in coming years, we need to act now to make sure new buildings are equipped with electric hot water systems and heat pumps for space heating and cooling, creating a zero-greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions future.

Councilmember Izzy Patoka has already expressed his full-throated support for an all-electric new building code. Thank you! Now it’s up to us to make sure this bill is introduced and passed as quickly as possible. 

We launched our campaign live at the Pearlstone Center with Councilmember Patoka!

The room was packed with more than 75 people in person, with even more watching the livestream.

Residents from all over the county came to hear why electrification is a win-win-win scenario for Baltimore County, saving us money, protecting our health and helping to reach our climate goals. We learned how to switch out the fossil fuel-powered appliances in our homes for clean energy efficient electric ones—and how to take advantage of federal incentives to help cover the costs.  

Even more exciting: Councilman Patoka announced his intention to sponsor an all-electric bill for new construction in the County! Buildings account for 39% of all carbon emissions in Baltimore County. This bipartisan bill will ensure that all new buildings in Baltimore County will have the health and cost benefits of efficient electric appliances without added carbon pollution. 

Watch the event here: 

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What would an Electrified Baltimore County Look Like?

Moving away from dangerous gas
Baltimore County has faced multiple deadly gas explosions in recent years
Cooking and heating buildings with electricity
Heat pumps can be used to warm homes, while induction or electric stovetops can be used for cooking
Cleaning up indoor pollution
Living in a home with a gas stove increases a child’s risk of having asthma by 42 %

Howard County Latest to Move Towards Eliminating Fossil Fuel Use in New Buildings

Howard County Joins Neighboring Montgomery County in
Growing Trend to 'Electrify Everything' in the Face of Rapid Climate Change

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