Eight MD Gubernatorial Candidates Commit to 100% Clean Electricity by 2035, Other Equitable Climate Actions

2022 MD Climate Justice Platform asks candidates to commit to transformative climate action and worker protections. Sponsored by leading climate, social justice, and labor groups

Takoma Park, MD — Eight leading candidates for Maryland governor have signed a resolution vowing to support legislation in 2023 that would set the state on the course to 100% clean electricity with strong equity and labor components. Those candidates are Rushern Baker, Peter Franchot, Douglas Gansler, Ashwani Jain, John King, Wes Moore, Tom Perez, and Jerome Segal. The resolution represents the first time in our state that environmental, labor, and justice groups have unified around a clean-energy pledge for leading candidates.

The “MD Climate Justice Resolution is sponsored by and was developed with input from Chesapeake Climate Action Network, CCAN Action Fund, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 26, CASA, and the NAACP Maryland State Conference. The Resolution includes a shared vision of a Maryland with 100% clean electricity by 2035, without incentives for burning trash. It also includes a call for investments in underserved communities and increased access to public transit and clean transportation. Likewise, it includes a vision for strong labor provisions applied to large clean-energy projects.

Additionally, over 65 justice groups, labor leaders, environmental organizations, and businesses have signed in support of the Resolution’s shared vision of climate justice.

Responding to the impressive list of gubernatorial candidates who signed, representatives from the sponsoring organizations issued the following statements:

The UN’s recent 3,675-page report on global warming is an urgent call to action. The core message is this: “Delay means death.” And if that isn’t enough for candidates across the state, a recent Goucher College poll found that a majority of Marylanders believe climate change is having major impacts — inducing more extreme weather events, harming wildlife, and rising sea levels.

“Recent polling and the UN’s report serve as a compelling reminder to candidates that Marylanders need a governor with the courage to lead and face these challenges head-on. This Resolution and these candidates’ signatures are the first steps toward necessary equitable and just climate action.”– Anthony Field, MD Campaign Coordinator, CCAN Action Fund.

“Marylanders deserve elected officials that are committed to taking bold action on climate while also investing in the Black, immigrant, and working-class communities that have suffered more than their fair share of harm. Climate justice means enacting solutions to our climate crisis that put frontline communities and workers first.” – Gustavo Torrees, Executive Director, CASA

“IBEW Local 26 fully supports moving towards a more just and equitable Maryland and we believe that a sustainable environment and sustainable careers are existential to that future. As we move away from fossil fuels and towards a carbon-pollution-free economy, we have an opportunity to create not only jobs addressing EV infrastructure, solar power, and LED conservation needs, but also an opportunity for workers to develop career skills.” Don Slaiman, Political Coordinator, IBEW Local 26

“Solving the climate issues threatening jobs, food, health, property values, and more is going to take bold action. To ignore the ‘handwriting on the wall’ is not only remiss and reckless, but also selfish.  Mother Nature will not wait for us to ‘catch up’. We must use every tool in our power (pun intended), to move to 100% electric, stat – it’s the only remedy.” – Staci Hartwell, NAACP Maryland State Conference

Current efforts are underway to gather signatures from all candidates running for the Maryland General Assembly. Public release of the results, including who signed and who did not, will be released shortly thereafter.

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CCAN Action Fund is the advocacy arm of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, the oldest and largest grassroots organization dedicated exclusively to raising awareness about the impacts and solutions associated with global warming in the Chesapeake Bay region. For almost 20 years, CCAN has been at the center of the fight for clean energy and wise climate policy in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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