The District of Columbia, home to more than 680,000 people, is a hot spot for local climate action and has some of the nation’s strongest goals to curb carbon pollution and advance clean energy. CCAN activists in DC have played keys roles in ensuring the District gets 50% of its electricity from clean sources by 2032 and closing dirty loopholes in DC’s most important clean energy law. Join us! Learn how you can get involved locally to advance climate solutions in DC:

“Put a Price On It, D.C.”: A Carbon Fee-and-Rebate Policy for Clean Energy and a Fair Economy

Washington, DC is at the forefront of cities nationwide when it comes to promoting clean energy and tackling the climate crisis head-on. Now it’s time for DC to lead again—not only in cutting fossil fuel pollution but in creating a more just and sustainable economy for all. By putting a price on carbon and making fossil fuel polluters pay for the real and damaging costs of their emissions, we can unleash the clean energy solutions we need, and protect household budgets in DC in the process. Learn more>>