Sixth Annual EV Raffle!
First prize: Luxury Tesla Model X Plaid
or a Rivian Truck/SUV or a Cybertruck.
You choose!

Second prize: Amazing Hyundai Ioniq 5 with 300-mile range!

Four first-prize options include Rivian R1S


All proceeds support our nonprofit efforts to fight climate change. Fantastic odds. Each ticket gives you two chances to win!


No more than 7,000 tickets total will be sold. Two winners. Stunning odds.

Second-prize is Ioniq 5

No more than 7,000 tickets total will be sold. Each ticket: two chances to win. Stunning odds.

3480 tickets purchased so far!

Raffle will end in:

Want to drive a brand-new Rivian electric SUV or pickup truck? Or how about a classic Tesla Model X Plaid with all the bells and whistles? Or the famous new Cybertruck? We can help.

Join our raffle to save the climate today! For the first time, each ticket this year gives you TWO CHANCES TO WIN AN AMAZING ELECTRIC CAR. The second-place winner will get the stellar Hyundai Ioniq 5 with 300 miles of range. Only 7,000 tickets total will be sold, giving you a 1-in-3,500 chance of winning a new EV. That’s a chance of winning that is nearly 60 percent greater than last year. Nearly 60 percent! Drawing is August 22, 2024.

All proceeds will benefit the Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund (CCAN Action Fund). Our mission is to create a world where electric cars, wind farms, and rooftop solar power are the norm in society. If you win, you can kiss high gas prices goodbye while helping us build a pollution-free world tomorrow. It’s a win, win, win.

This is the sixth annual electric car raffle sponsored by our scrappy little nonprofit. With your help, the CCAN Action Fund punches above our weight in the fight against climate change. Our goal is to create a world where electric transportation is affordable and available to everyone. These flashy prizes help us raise money for that fight.

If you’re the lucky first-place winner, you get to choose the vehicle you want. You can build your own Rivian R1S SUV or R1T truck (you choose the color, tires, etc). Or choose a build‑your‑own Tesla Model X Plaid. Or, finally, you can pick the hottest new EV on the market: the famous Cybertruck. It gets even better: we’ll cover all your federal and state taxes, bringing the full first-place prize value to as much as $159,485.50.  

Rivian Raffle! Tesla Raffle! Cybertruck Raffle! Enter today!

But wait! There’s more. For the first time ever, we’re offering a second-place prize of a brand-new Ioniq 5. Covering your taxes again, this has a value of over $66,000. That’s two ways to win, all for a raffle ticket of just $200. Again, we’re only selling 7,000 tickets. And all proceeds go to fund our nonprofit mission to fight climate change head-on through local, state, and federal legislation.

Ticket buyers: