Announcing our exciting new EV Raffle Prizes!
(Yes, you could win a Rivian or a Cybertruck!)

Ever heard of the “EV grin?” It’s the smile you get on your face when you drive an electric vehicle (EV). It might come from the smooth, quiet ride, or the turbocharged, efficient accelerator. Maybe it comes from the fact that EV owners are saving loads on gas bills, especially during inflation. Or maybe it’s because they feel good doing their part on climate change, creating a demand for an electric world. 

Or, maybe it’s all of the above. 

Regardless, millions of people are happy to own and drive an EV. And now you could be one of them!

That’s because we’re about to launch our sixth annual “EV Raffle for the Climate.” This year, we have five exciting potential prize options. And for the first time ever, we are giving away TWO CARS!

We’re also covering state and federal taxes, because who wants to win such an amazing prize and then spend thousands to claim it? This brings the total first-place prize value to as much as $159,485.50! And the second-place prize, with taxes, has a value as much as $66,482.50.

It’s all to raise money to fight climate change and pass clean energy policies. CCAN Action Fund works year round to slow global warming and bring about more clean transportation nationwide. This spring, we helped pass policies for shared solar and green banks in Virginia, and electrified homes in Washington, DC. We’re also working to bring more offshore wind to Maryland and pressuring Congress to unleash the clean energy revolution with historic transmission investments. Mark your calendars for June 6 at 9:00 AM ET for the start of this year’s raffle, and sign up for updates to be the first to know.

Now, onto the prizes…

The Rivian R1S 

The Rivian R1S was, by far, our supporters’ top choice for a first-place prize. This incredible SUV is fun and made for adventure. With this SUV you can go offroading or camping with everything you need right inside. It has 15 inches of ground clearance and an electric motor at each wheel, and an incredible amount of storage space. Car and Driver calls it a “well-rounded machine with a host of talents,” and we agree. 

Here’s Forrest’s Auto Reviews calling the R1S the “perfect SUV”:

Want to find out some of the Rivian R1S’s deepest secrets? Watch this:

Then, picture taking it camping in the snow:

The Rivian R1T

If you’re a fan of pickup trucks, you’d love the R1T. “No truck is as quick as the Rivian R1T,” according to Car and Driver, which also praises its “upperclass outdoorsy interior.” This thing can tow 11,000 pounds in near silence. Tow your boat to the beach with this truck. Heck, tow your other car! It’s up to you. There are loads of cool features in this vehicle, like a built-in portable speaker and charging station, and its offroad features make it, Car and Driver states, “one of the most capable EVs ever.” 

Forrest’s Auto Review says: “This truck is so good I’m filming it again.” Watch this quick video to see the R1T’s coolest features, including a dozen different nifty storage spots, vegan leather, a built-in speaker that doubles as a lantern, and drift mode.

Watch it go from 0-100 in the span of seconds:

Then, take it off-roading: 

Tesla Model X Plaid

The tried and true Tesla Model X Plaid is the quickest accelerating SUV in production today. It can go from 0-60 mph within three seconds, outpacing some of the most popular sports cars. This fully-loaded EV will get you 326 miles on a charge and has a whopping 1020 horsepower. The Plaid model comes with all the latest state-of-the-art accessories. Read more from Car and Driver here, and watch the fun videos below. 

Experience the fun of being catapulted in Launch Mode:

Forrest’s Auto Reviews calls it the “most powerful SUV money can buy” in a short video showing off it’s coolest features: 

Here it is going 0-100 mph in four seconds (please don’t try this at home!):


Finally, we’re offering the famous Tesla Cybertruck as a first-place prize! Is the Cybertruck the EV of the future? We’re not sure, but one thing’s for certain: The Cybertruck will get you NOTICED. 

But it’s much more than that. This bulletproof truck is not only seriously tough — it’s great for offroading and it’s “stupendously quick” at the same time, according to Car and Driver. Its three electric motors give it a combined 834 horsepower and it has an amazing 340-mile range. Estimated delivery in 2025.

Check out all of its coolest features. Like, did you know that it has the world’s largest windshield wiper?

This thing is STRONG. Watch it get pummeled by a steel ball: 

Here it is offroading:

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Everything above is just a list of first-place prizes! As mentioned, for the first time ever, we’re going to offer a SECOND-PLACE prize from the same set of tickets. That means each ticket gives you TWO chances to win. The second-place winner will get the extremely fun and reliable Ioniq 5. The Ioniq 5 was rated Best Electric SUV by U.S. News & World Report and Car and Driver, and we understand why, with its fun driving experience. But Car and Driver highlights its spacious back seats and fast-charging capability, with “the kind of charging speed you get from far more luxurious and expensive EVs such as the Porsche Taycan and Lucid Air.”

But there’s so much more to love! Did you know you can drive the car using just your key fob? Did you know you wanted to? Learn about this feature and more: 

Forrest’s Auto Reviews highlights the small details that would drive an EV enthusiast wild:

And check out these awesome nighttime features: 

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This is the sixth annual “EV Raffle for the Climate,” our fundraiser for CCAN Action Fund’s work fighting climate change nationwide. The mission of the CCAN Action Fund is to effect change in public policy at local, state and national levels to directly address the threat of global warming. Through voter education, lobbying and participation in the electoral process, we seek to move our country into a leadership position on the most urgent global issue of our time — the climate crisis. 

 Learn more about CCAN Action Fund (EIN 01-0879928) and our sister organization, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, and what we’ve accomplished. Then mark your calendars for June 6 at 9:00 AM ET, when our fifth annual EV Raffle for the Climate launches, and tell everyone you know!

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