Tell the Montgomery County Council: Withdraw the ban on land-based solar power in MoCo.

The “Zoning Text Amendment 20-01” would deny farmers the ability to harvest sunlight. Call Will Jawando, Gabe Albornoz, and other Montgomery County Councilmembers, and tell them to STOP!

PRIORITY calls to: Will Jawando and Gabe Albornoz.

Additional calls to Andrew Friedson, Craig Rice, Sidney Katz, and Nancy Navarro

Call and leave this short message in their voice mail boxes: 

“I’m a Montgomery County voter and I want you to vote to WITHDRAW the solar ZTA bill that would ban land-based solar production in our county.”

Here are the council members who REALLY need to hear from you most: 

Will Jawando, At large: 240-777-7811
Gabe Albornoz, At large: 240-777-7959

If you have time, also call: 

Andrew Friedson, District 1: 240-777-7828
Craig Rice, District 2: 240-777-7955
Sidney Katz, District 3: 240-777-7906
Nancy Navarro, District 4: 240-777-7968

And if their voicemail boxes are full, don’t worry. Here are their email addresses:

Gabe Albornoz 

Andrew Friedson

Will Jawando

Nancy Navarro

Craig Rice

Sidney Katz

Learn more here about the MoCo Council’s proposed ban on land-based solar production. And see here a letter to the Council from Sierra Club and CCAN Action Fund asking leaders to withdraw the solar ZTA 20-01 bill and work instead on a real compromise that would help farmers, fight climate change, and protect low- and moderate-income families.