OUTDOOR EVENT SERIES: 100 Leaders for 100% Clean Energy

This summer, we need to show Congress that we the people demand 100% clean electricity by 2035. Each week for eight weeks leading up to the August recess, we will invite 100 prominent leaders from key constituency groups to gather near the steps of Congress. With speeches and testimonials, the leaders will endorse Biden’s climate/infrastructure plan, with an emphasis on the key goal of achieving a 100% clean grid by 2035. 

House leaders have set a goal of voting on the bill by early July and the Senate could follow by the August recess. The provision would require electricity to come from renewable sources like wind and solar.

All of these events will be outdoors and will not involve more than 150-200 people. We will follow all CDC and local guidelines, including masking, six-foot distancing between attendees, and sanitization of podium and microphone between speakers. Currently, the DC government permits outdoor crowds for special events up to 250 people. That number is expected to grow in May.

Below is a list of the upcoming gatherings taking place and their dates. To sign up, click the link for the gathering you plan to attend.

July 21st: 100 Healthcare Professionals in Support of 100% Clean Energy

July 28th: Frontline Communities for 100% Clean Energy

August 4th: Youth Climate Activists for 100% Clean Energy