100 Healthcare Workers in Support of 100% Clean Energy

Are you a health professional concerned about the climate crisis and other environmental hazards to health? If so, please RSVP to join 100 other health professionals on July 21st in Washington, DC. We’ll gather outdoors near the Capitol lawn at Noon in support of President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan and its 100% clean electricity by 2035 provision.

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan proposes $400 billion in direct payments to build out renewable energy. An energy system that is 100% clean offers immediate health benefits, we will be able to enjoy cleaner air, water and land. This will reduce the risks of cancers, respiratory disease, heart disease and stroke.

This plan also allocates $400 billion toward expanding access to quality and affordable home and community-based services (HCBS) and improving jobs for home care workers. These investments will help hundreds of thousands of Americans obtain the long-term services and support they need, while creating new jobs and offering caregiving workers a long-overdue raise, stronger benefits, and an opportunity to organize or join a union.

The time to act is now. On July 21st at noon we will gather at the US Capitol to show our support for 100% clean electricity and the American Jobs Plan. You can see a FAQ about this event Here.

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Co-sponsors of this event include Physicians for Social Responsibility, Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, and CCAN Action Fund.

This event is part of CCAN Action Fund’s “100 Leaders for 100% Clean Energy” summer series. Below is a list of additional gatherings taking place and their dates. To sign up, click the link for the gathering you plan to attend.

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July 21st: 100 Healthcare Workers in Support of 100% Clean Energy